Tuesday, October 28, 2014

2014 halloween round-up

uh oh...
we only have 4 more days til the big trick or treat nite and i have 4000 more things i wanna make and do. 

guess i will have to save those ideas for 2015.

in the meantime, here's my 2014 ideas in case you missed any!
so let's take 'em one by one shall we?
just click on the caption below the pic to get to the post.
1. you guys sure liked these witches. 
it's a popular post.
it's weird cuz the idea came to me in the middle of the day while i was at work (see how much i focus on nursing? :>P) so i came home and really had no idea what i was going to do and they just kinda happened.
2. you know those cute spider treats all over blogland?
well i wanted to make some too cuz i love eyeball treats but was short on time. 
these are a lickety-split goodie you can whip up in no time. yay!
3.now these are just down right silly. 
and quite fun if i do say so myself.
4. ok so these cookies were an idea i had last year but never got around to them. originally i wanted to make the whole body but holy heck what was i thinking? 
these are real fun and i think the kiddies would get a kick outta changing their masks.
5. perhaps the most unoriginal of my halloween ideas this year but golly gee you gotta make some pumpkin treat if you're a blogger right?
 6. these guys make me laugh every time i see them.
not sure if it's their big heads or knowing that i morphed them with dollar tree skeleton bodies.
7. yes i am an adult. 
and yes i still like stickers.
no...i LOVE stickers actually. 
especially when they are 3-D and can stick on pumpkins!
8. now these krispie bags were a lot of fun to make. i had fun playing with them, the weirdo that i am.
9. every year i make some sorta frankenstein treat.
this year i finally brought the wife along.
and seeing i missed her last year, i made 2.
 10. then finally my mason jar fetish that i carved into a pumpkin.never mind that i have real mason jars in front of me waiting to be used.
guess i'll save those for next year's halloween post too?

so there you have it.
my whole kit and kaboodle silly crazy halloween round-up.
hope it's a treat for you! 

aww heck, halloween tricks are fun too right?! 


  1. I love seeing your round-up in one convenient place! I've been gone on several week long trips over the past two months and that explains why I missed the cookie masks! Your ideas meet the qualification that my Design 101 professor used to demand from us: "Strive for that 'never before seen look!'"

    1. oh you are SO sweet! my round-ups are proof of my insanity J! i bet when i am 80 i will look back at these and figure that's what happened to my rotting brain/senility! LOL so i guess i'll keep making stuff til that happens...?! :>O at least you and your professor would like it :)

  2. Ok. I'm not going to say anything about you, and others, being in my inbox again. Don't want to jinx it. Just going to say....wow. You top the charts for creative! And I hold the honor of calling you my BBFF! Thanksgiving now? I'm ready!! Dona

    1. well your email is haunted by golly and so i hope when halloween is over, you'll be able to see all the turkeys running around this blog! now i need to get going cuz my BBFF is ready already! :>O! yikes!

  3. Hi Lisa - I love all of these! My favorite for sentimental reasons is of course the Bride of Frankenstein, but believe it or not, I think my favorite after that is the spider and babies. Which I'm completely terrified of. Hummm.... Have a wonderful and happy Halloween! Hugs, Holly

    1. haha maybe next time i'll make a frankenstein with spiders in his hair...would that be better Holly? lol hope you had a fabulous halloween! :)

  4. Thanks for linking up to Motivation Monday!

  5. You are a Halloween genus! Thanks for linking up at Totally Terrific Tuesday! I am glad you linked a lot of these us and I could include them in my halloween round up :)
    Have a great week


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