Tuesday, July 15, 2014

decorated fortune cookie wafers

do you play with your food?
cuz once you start playing with your food, 
it's really hard to go back.
i mean, i've gotten to the point where i see something and try to figure out how i can change it.

either that or they just speak to me themselves.
see what i mean?

these spoke to me almost immediately when i saw them. 
look! they're all natural!
and they taste DEEEE-LICIOUS seriously! 
like a really light fortune cookie that melts in your mouth and eating them is much like eating lay's potato chips cuz there's no way you can eat just one.

but best of all, they make
they totally looked like canvases to me, just waiting to be drawn on. 
i saw an entire bag of faces actually.

so i got to work.

a summer scene with sunshine, a beach ball, and a swimming couple including one with a hairy chest and legs and another...oops! 
uh ma'am?
could it be i kinda screwed up?

i'm sorry! here lemme fix that for you.
uh don't think so mister.
but i will give the lady an instant makeover. 
that is very true.
good call mr. swimmer. you're a keeper.
so there's your interchangeable summer scene.

hey let's make something else!
i just made one per holiday but you can of course expand on the number you want.

and you can see that half cookies make cute rainbows. 
donuts, cupcakes, and pancakes with butter and syrup.
(the cookies really do look like miniature pancakes 
by the way.)

i think it'd be real cute to make a bunch of cute donuts or cute cupcakes and put it on cute plate.

ok so here's another idea.
stick them in your kid's lunchbox as a surprise with some plain ones or hubby's lunch or even your own to remind you about an errand you gotta run.

the possibilities are endless.

your kids can draw on them too.
you can draw babies for a shower, couple names for an engagement party, a birthday cake and gifts, messages with one word on a cookie as a game to figure out, or whatever and stick them all in a jar as a unique gift or just in a baggie for fun.
they can be as detailed or as simple as you want. and the marker doesn't smear at all.
you may be unsure at first on what to make of them because of the endless possibilities.
but i know one thing's for sure,


  1. Hi Lisa - YOU ARE AWESOME! I've never tried these cookies, but I love how have given us so many different ideas. So glad the girl got her legs back. Happy day! Hugs, Holly

    1. oh my Holly! thank you!!! but i must admit on occasion, i get those hairy legs too when i'm too lazy to shave! BAHAHA :>O

  2. I've never heard of these cookies, I will now be on the look out for them. Perfect for practicing my art skills - which you have mastered!

    1. one good thing about this is that you can eat your mistakes! but knowing what you can do, you already mastered everything that has to do with food crafting Kim! :>D

  3. I've always loved the taste of those cookies but didn't like the idea of "wasting" them just to snack on. I'll look for these!
    You showed some really cute ideas, but how about writing kids' chores on them - and they can eat them only after they've done the work? Or spelling words to pack in lunches - "Ooooh teacher, I'm famished! Can I real quick grab a cookie in the middle of my test?" lol

    1. you know what J? i should consult with you before posting because you always have ingenious ideas for whatever i am making! i think that consult includes a trip to michael's and every other craft store we find along the way-i think you'd agree?! :>D

  4. Replies
    1. thank you thank you thank you Jill! and i love it when you visit! :>D

  5. Such a great idea! FUN is your middle name, Lisa! Way to go!

    1. and ADORABLE is yours Sue! you prove it every time you make a cookie! :) thank you ever so much!

  6. Good to know about these cookies! Such a cute project...thanks for sharing on the Thursday Blog Hop!

    1. thank you Pam! even if you don't draw on these, get them for the taste! they really are YUMMO! :)

  7. This is such a cute idea! My kids would love it!
    Come by and share on my linkup today!

    1. thank you Jennie! i tried to get my kid to draw on them at the time but he was too busy playing his new video game! sigh-lol thanks so much for the invite to your beautiful blog! :)

  8. I've never seen the wafers before. You did a great job with them. I would so play with mine. Love the inter-changeable body parts. :)

    How fun!
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. you would so play with them Bobbi? HOORAY! you're my kinda gal! hehe lol :>D


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