Saturday, March 22, 2014

candle cupcakes for my 2nd YEAR BLOGIVERSARY

time flies when you're having fun. 
boy ain't that the truth!
i mean, i've done so much stuff in terms of blogging and seriously have gained so much from it.

like meeting friends.
from all over.
sometimes never seeing their face or talking to them in person but feeling pretty cool about what we have together.

you know what i mean.
cuz it's YOU that makes my stress days unstressed.
it's YOU that makes me smile and laugh with your funny comments.
it's YOU that warms my heart with your sweetness. 

you know who i'm talking about whether it means coming here often or inviting me for a blog collaboration.  
awesome folks like Dona, J, Kim, Sue, Beth, Karyn, Brenda, Jill, Heather, Toni, Melinda, Krista
and many many countless others.
including the blogs that took me to over 400 features alone in the past 2 years... 

you guys give me the energy and drive to come up with 
out-of-the-box stuff that keeps people coming back.
you guys make me find out things about myself and what i can actually come up with that i never knew existed.

and to all of you who are new here and have found this crazy place recently i hope you keep coming back! thank you so much for visiting me when there are 99 million gazillion other blogs out there. i can't thank you enough!

lots of people ask me where the heck i get my ideas from and i tell them it's divine intervention. for me i find when you share with others then you get lots more in return. lots more in regards to lots more far fetched over the top ideas that you just gotta share.

so that's what my blog is about.
to make you happy.

so i made something sweet for you on this very special day. 
and you can make them too, just by doing this:
i just used a yellow box mix.
then i tinted half of it pink.
then i made this frosting and,
a million pics are mandatory.
especially of sprinkle cupcakes.

because then you can make printables like this:
when you right click on it and save to your computer, you can print it out whatever size you want.

so back to more frosting.
i divided the rest and colored it 3 ways.
you can watch this awesome video to help you understand this method a little clearer.
ok so it's not the prettiest dollop in blogland but whatever.
i added too much confectioner's sugar but it's still fun right?
it doesn't become fun for me when the shape is stressed over to get it to look like a perfect dollop so we are just gonna go with this one.

cuz look:
and when you open the cupcake up, you get this:
ta da!
i guess it would look cooler with a perfect flame dollop but i ain't gonna stress about it.
that's one for each blog year.
yup i made these for you and also because today marks my 

one part of me feels like i've been blogging for decades and another tells me reality when i see the number of FB likes is far below the number of many other blogs.

but no matter, i don't stress out about numbers.
i just wanna have fun and not spend hours on social media. 
cuz that takes away from my creative fun and mom /wife duties. and with the career i have, 
i need all the fun i can get!

so i keep making stuff, not ever realizing at the start that this was gonna end up being mostly a tutorial blog. but my parents were teachers and i guess that's the part of me that wants to teach and besides, it's a heckuva lot of fun.

so here's to more fun!
let's have a giveaway!!!
and if that's not all, you get one more thing too!
Enter below on the rafflecopter widget and hope for the best! 
the giveaway starts NOW and ends on the 31st. i'll announce the winner on April 1st-no foolin!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

here's to lots & lots & lots more fun together :)

thank you from the BOTTOM of my HEART 
for being a part of hoopla palooza!
you make me pharrell happy 


  1. Awww...that was a sweet post! You bring so much to my life, too! Where did you get the cupcake towel?? I've been looking for one!!!!! Dona

    1. Oh, am I supposed to do that here? I want Jo Ann's if I win!!

    2. i got the towels at home goods :) love that darn store along with the ones i have for the giveaway. i figured you'd pick jo ann's Dona! hope you saw that i mentioned you as one of my blog buddies! but we know we are BBFFs! :>D


  2. Happy Blogiversary!! Time sure does fly and I've sure enjoyed following you on your blogging journey. You are so talented and fun! Thanks for the shout out. I'm so glad we have connected. You bring a smile to my face all the time. I shop at all three of the stores, but would have to choose JoAnn's as my favorite, mostly because of their great coupons:)

    Beth @ Hungry Happenings

    1. oh Beth! i still remember the first time you commented on my blog as i pretty much flipped! knowing how talented you are and when you say you like my stuff is like the ultimate compliment! thank you so very very much! :>D and jo ann's is the best place to have coupons out of the 3!

  3. Two years? ALREADY???!!! That went fast! I remember when you were just new and I was one of your early followers, thinking I was "all that" because I'd discovered you before too many others did! You wrote a very sweet tribute to your fans (me included, aww!) but we have so much fun coming here to see your crazy-cute ideas, the stories you write and the pictures you take to accompany them! I'd don't have the energy to make ALL of your projects, but I have made a few of them and they worked out perfectly and were a delight to show off to everyone. Everybody's a winner here!
    Oh, and if I am a winner AGAIN (in the give-away) I'm gonna go with Hobby Lobby.
    Happy Blogiversary, Lisa!
    lol stupid spell check! it says "Blogiversary" isn't a word! sheesh! get a dictionary people!

    1. oh J, you always know how to make me giggle! :>D you have a gift of writing and the things that you make on your blog are so creative as well! i only hope that when i'm a grandma i'm as good as you! :) so yes i do think that you are "all that" just because you are you!

  4. I love hobby lobby and welcome a gift from them at any time

    1. and i welcome you anytime here as well Angie! thank you so much for entering-good luck to you! :)

  5. HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY!!! Wow ... two years ... time flies when you're having fun :) I love your candle cupcake ... especially the flame on top! I am honored to know you and thank you for the mention ... you always make me smile! If I won ... JoAnn's would be my pick! I'm gonnna say what everyone else says ... Don't compare your numbers to other bloggers numbers!!! ... know it's hard not to do ... I do the same thing :)

    1. oh thank you so much Brenda! you are just simply so sweet! and you are right i shouldn't compare my numbers but its kinda hard not to do when everybody else is in the 1000s and 1000s so if i ever get to that number i will probably want 1000s and 1000s more! oh it's a vicious cycle! i just have to keep reminding myself why i blog in the first place and then i'm ok with it! lol thanks for entering the contest too! :>D

  6. Lisa, happy blogiverary! You do always make me happy when I see your fabulous posts and love these candle cupcakes! Thanks so much for sharing at Best of the Weekend - hope your having a happy and wonderful week!

    1. thank you for the warm fuzzy Cindy! i am so happy you found my blog! it's a pleasure knowing you! :)

  7. Wow Lisa, these cupcakes look great!!!! will be featuring them on tomorrows Serenity Saturday link party. And Congratulations on your 2nd anniversary xxxx

    1. YIPPEEEEEE!!!! thank you so much Natasha!!! you totally made my day :>D!


here's wishing for a stuffed comment box... :>D