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GUEST POST TODAY! Jessica from 4 Interior Design UK

whew! i'm halloweenie-worn out!
today i am actually going to relax from all the festivities and give myself a break.
instead, i have a lovely guest post for you! my very first live one instead of this one and this one i had in the past. and she comes all the way from the UK!
i sure wish this was an audio post too since english accent's are the bomb :)

i am sooo not the expert at interior design, and since you will probably never find such a thing on this blog from myself, this comes to us as a special treat! this lovely lady was kind enough to post today about improving your bedroom. so are you ready?

take it away Jessica!
Hi I am Jessica. I am a freaky design-oholic who likes to keep it beautiful. Home decor and interior design is like a stimulant for my existence. It makes me feel bright and productive. For taking a look at my crafty projects and DIY's you can surely find me at 4 Interior Design Uk .

6 Ways to Get the Perfect Bedroom of Your Dreams Via Bed Linens and more
If you have always wanted a dream bedroom but have never actually got as far as beginning the décor process, you may want to think again. While it is tempting to think of just spending lots of money on an all matching suite and having the walls and doors painted professionally, this is not necessary! It is absolutely possible to create your perfect bedroom simply and relatively cheaply!
Many interior designers will not work a room without some sort of theme in mind and you should not be any different. A theme can be an idea, 'white, with floating fabrics and lots of light,' or it can be a colour scheme, such as red, white and black or it can be an actual theme, such as the seaside, with bedding, curtains and carpet in shades of blue, beige and white with seashells incorporated into the décor. Decide what sort of a theme you want in your bedroom and make sure that it is one that you can live with for several years before you begin! 
Unusual Bed
The bed is the automatic focal point for any room, and you can add a touch of dreamy distinction by choosing a bed that is a little different. There are many floating or suspended beds on the market that seem to levitate weightlessly in the room. These are wonderful for adding a touch of romance to any bedroom. They also give the impression of taking up absolutely floor space, which is a boon for a small or cramped room. 

Old School Bedroom
Add some old fashioned touches to your bedroom to create an air of gothic romance. Thick heavy curtains keep out inclement weather and too much early morning sunshine, while light fittings that look like old sconces add a romantic frisson. You can even invest in a four-poster bed to create a cosy and private haven for yourself. For thick variety of curtains, my most preferable spot which provides good variety of ready made curtains is Yorkshire
Signature Piece
There are few rooms that cannot be enhanced by the addition of a signature piece and a bedroom is no different. Your signature piece can be the bed itself, a unique round chair or even, if space is an issue, a dramatic picture or wall hanging. For nice wall hangings I never get disappointed with Seeing the Big picture   
The magic of Bed Linens
Your bedding goes a long way towards creating the look and feel of your bedroom. With the full range of the modern textile industry you have a wonderful choice in the matter of fabrics, patterns and styles when it comes to choosing your bedding. To create a sumptuous boudoir purchase bedding in a luxurious fabric, add an immense pile of cushions and soft throws and enjoy the hedonistic look that is so easily achieved!
Natural touches
Even if you are not particularly outdoorsy, your room will benefit from having a touch of nature added to the décor mix. Pot plants add a splash of discreet and natural colour that is hard to achieve artificially. A vase of long stem roses always seem rich, expensive and romantic, especially when placed artfully in a bedroom, either on the dressing table or on a bedside cabinet.
Study your room and compare it to your mental image of an ideal dream bedroom. Then, bring the two as close together as you can, as you work towards transforming the former into the latter! You are sure to be pleased with the end result; even if it is not precisely the room you imagined it will be very close!

wow! aren't those wonderful ideas? don't know about you but i'd sure like to climb into the bed of that last room and snooze away!

for even more wonderful ideas, diy projects and more, 
be sure to check 
Jessica's awesome site again at 4 Interior Design UK !
and many many many THANKS again Jessica for 
your wonderful expertise :)


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