Tuesday, January 8, 2013

snowmen mint meltaways

the holidays are over.
did you have a grand time?

did you get to spend quality time with family?
my sis and bro-in-law came and i also got a chance to be 813 miles from home to play in the snow with 
my kids, hubby and MIL.

oh how i tire of palm trees and beaches! 
(yeah, yeah, i know...)

we really did have a wonder full holiday and 
now i am back to reality/work.

and i do miss making a few weekly blog posts, 
so without further ado, 
how's about we meet the snowmen mint meltaway family?
first lemme tell you how they came to be.
i found this recipe in my 14-yr-old daughter's old American Girl book and was reminded of the cuteness when i remember making them years ago when she was in nursery school. 

i remember cuz the class went nutty crazy over them and said they were a huge hit cuz they melt in your mouth and there were no worries of choking on the peppermint goodness.

so here's what you need:

1 tbsp. softened butter (NOT margarine)
1 tbsp. light corn syrup
1/8 tsp. salt
1/2 tsp. peppermint extract
 1 cup powdered sugar
green and orange food coloring
dark blue and green nonpareils

just work with the peppermint dough 
pretending it's playdough.

yes cross-eyed i did get.
those nonpareils are tiny!!!

better get that knock on your door now...
i'll wait...

. . . . . . . . . . . 

were you expecting them at your house?

no messes?!

now with so many in the house, 
hope there are no fights either. 
and that everyone has an awesome time.
a grand time for each and everyone of you.
so i hope you all have fun together!

especially with her.
even though she never seems to have her head on right, 
she's still my favorite.

but if they do overstay their welcome, 
you can always eat them.

i promise you won't regret it.

happy winter everybody!


  1. These are so cute and I'm sure tasty, too!! I like how you sprinkled the "snow" around, very fun!

    1. aw Michelle! i can always count on you for a wonderful comment! you're the BESTEST!!! :)

  2. They look too cute to eat! But I am sure that would not be an issue in my house ;). It is funny you were running away from the sun shine and palm trees to the snow and I ran away from the snow to the palm trees and sunshine. Glad you had fun with the family, and thanks for sharing on We Made That!

    1. you are SO sweet Tracey! and i'll trade you weather any day! these are pretty cute and you can make whatever shape you want outta the dough and the kids will have a blast :)

  3. Love all your little captions!
    Thanks for linking up to Two Cup Tuesday on Pint Sized Baker. I hope to see ya there again on Monday night!

    1. thanks Karyn-many times i wonder about my silliness. LOL i will definitely be back for your party! :>D

  4. These are so cute! Pinned them for next year. Thank you!

    1. thank you so much Erin! i'm so happy you like them :)

  5. Those are adorable and so funny! Thanks for sharing at Mom's Library!

    1. heehee thanks so much Tulip TrueAim! thank YOU for the party :) you can make anything adorable you want outta the dough-it's not just for snowmen! :>D

  6. Adorable!! I love how you make them full of life with the talk bubbles! LOL!


    1. guess i'm one of those people who plays with their food! LOL thanks Diana! and i know you don't like captcha so OK OK OK i will try it your way and cross my fingers it'll be ok! :>P

  7. Gosh it must be fun living at your place... you are always creating fun things!! And delicious ones too! YUM!

    Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer... From Dream To Reality!

    1. ha! come over anytime Christine! we'd have a blast together :) my hubby says i'm crazy for always making stuff-heehee

  8. So adorable! My kids would love to make these-a chance to play with food! Thanks for sharing at One Creative Weekend!

    1. yes make them with your kids-you can color the dough red and pink and make little heart mints! or make bunnies for easter..or fireworks for the 4th or...or...LOL! thanks Tanya! :>D

  9. Sounds like you have fun with everything you do, which makes it fun to read! Thee are cute and make a fun treat.

    Thank you for partying with the Wildly Original Crowd.
    <3 Christina at I Gotta Create!

    1. well i try even though a lot of my friends shake their heads and tell me i'm crazy-heehee i love crazy honest fun! and if it makes you smile then that keeps me going. thanks so very very much Christina! :)

  10. These are so awesome, and how much fun making 'em! I'd love it if you'd stop by and share it at our Sunday Show and Tell.

    Hope you stop by!

    1. hiya Kelly! i just linked up at your place-yahoo! :) thank you ever so much for the invite!


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