Tuesday, November 27, 2012

cool christmas buys

so yeah, i went black friday shopping and TOTALLY spent waaaaay toooo much.
jeepers i thought black friday was supposed to SAVE you money!

anyway, i wanted to make a quick post on some awesomeness that i bought, in hopes you can get them too.

first up are these:
oh how cute are these?
it's got my creative motor running full speed ahead!
and at 20% off now, they come to a score price of $3.20!
you will see these soon in a future post here,
 i just know it.

then i headed over to marshall's thinking "oh i'll just take a quick peek" as my kids roll their eyes and plan to hang out for the next hour or 2 at one of my fave stores ever.

that's when i came across a display that was dedicated to one of the cutest partylines.
none other than meri meri.

what really drew me in to fill up my cart right then and there are the PRICES!
man, you cannot beat the discount as compared to all the other places you can get them, online or otherwise.
go check marshall's out, as there are a ton more meri meri stuff there like this too:
and last but not least is something i WISH i bought at the store, sur la table.
but until i win the lottery, i will just have to drool over the cuteness.

well, i hope i didn't just empty your wallet with all this. but i do hope you get everything on your santa list!


  1. World Market always has cute finds!
    Thanks for stopping by the blog hop today. I've been following you as well :)

    1. they sure do-and i wasn't even looking for these which made it so much funner to find! i like the price too :) thanks SO much Karyn!


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